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Internet Atlantic Inc. is committed to providing accessible services and fostering an inclusive environment for all individuals. For any inquiries or feedback regarding our accessibility plan or practices, please contact us:

    1701 Hollis St.
    Suite 800
    Halifax, NS B3J 3M8
  • Phone Number: 1-866-211-9222
  • Email Address:

You may request accessibility plans and feedback processes in alternate formats or provide feedback using the contact information above.

Accessibility Areas

Internet Atlantic Inc. addresses accessibility according to the following areas of the Accessible Canada Act:

  • Employment: We strive to create accessible and inclusive recruitment, retention, and employment practices.
  • The Built Environment: We ensure accessible physical spaces in our facilities.
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Our technologies, including websites and digital content, are designed to be accessible.
  • Communication, other than ICT: We provide accessible communication channels other than digital, such as braille or large print materials.
  • The Procurement of Goods, Services, and Facilities: We consider accessibility standards when procuring goods and services.
  • The Design and Delivery of Programs and Services: Programs and services are designed to be accessible to all clients.
  • Transportation: Although not directly applicable, we ensure any transportation services provided are accessible.


Our accessibility plan was developed in consultation with persons with disabilities to ensure it meets their needs and addresses potential barriers. The consultation process included surveys and focus groups with individuals and disability advocacy organizations.


Internet Atlantic Inc. has established a comprehensive feedback process to receive and address comments on our accessibility practices:

  • Feedback Channels: Feedback can be provided via mail, telephone, email, and other communication methods.
  • Responsible Officer: Feedback is received and handled by Luigi Calabrese, President.
  • Acknowledgement: All feedback received will be acknowledged in the same format it was received, except for anonymous feedback.

Progress Reports

Internet Atlantic Inc. will publish progress reports by the first and second anniversary of each accessibility plan’s deadline. These reports will cover:

  • General Updates: Updates on contact information and the designated person for feedback.
  • Progress in Accessibility Areas: Detailed updates on initiatives and improvements across all accessibility areas.
  • Consultations: A summary of how we consulted with persons with disabilities in preparing the progress reports.
  • Feedback Consideration: An analysis of the feedback received and how it influenced our accessibility practices.

By addressing these areas, Internet Atlantic Inc. continues to strive for a barrier-free environment and improved accessibility for all individuals.

Contact us: If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

1701 Hollis St.
Suite 800
Halifax, NS B3J 3M8

Click here to VIEW our Accessibility Plan:

Click here to VIEW our Accessibility Progress Report: