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Acceptable Use Policy

Updated January 5, 2023.

We’re Internet Atlantic Inc. (INTERNET ATLANTIC), and this is our Acceptable Use Policy. We call it the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that outlines responsibilities within the Service that we are providing to you, “SERVICES,” and what we are going to bill you for “PAYMENT.” When you (CUSTOMER) do business with INTERNET ATLANTIC, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (TERMS) of this agreement and the related Schedules listed.

This appendix is part of the TERMS of Service and constitutes an agreement between INTERNET ATLANTIC Inc. (INTERNET ATLANTIC) and the CUSTOMER. This Acceptable Use Policy governs the CUSTOMER‘s use of the SERVICES and any devices and or Equipment, including, without limitation, devices and software used in conjunction with the SERVICES provided to the CUSTOMER by INTERNET ATLANTIC as any CUSTOMER Equipment used with the SERVICES.

This Acceptable Use Policy governs irrespective of separate CUSTOMER agreements, contracts, subscriptions or addendums.

The CUSTOMER will not, nor will it permit others to, tamper with, alter or rearrange the SERVICES, Equipment or the facilities required to provide the SERVICES, or otherwise abuse or fraudulently use the SERVICES, including, without limitation, using the SERVICES:

  1. in any manner which interferes with INTERNET ATLANTIC‘s facilities, network or Equipment, or access by others;
  2. contrary to reasonable instructions communicated to the CUSTOMER by INTERNET ATLANTIC;
  3. for any purpose or in any manner, directly or indirectly, in violation of applicable laws or violation of any third party rights or to avoid payment of charges.
  4. The CUSTOMER shall not;
  5. commit, attempt to commit, or allow others to commit or attempt to commit, any fraud against INTERNET ATLANTIC, including fraudulently obtaining SERVICES or Devices, or
  6. transform outbound communications into incoming communications, attempt to avoid applicable charges, or
  7. otherwise abuse the SERVICES, flat rate, unlimited use plans, or allow others to do any of the previous.

In addition to the general Acceptable Use Policies already stated, the SERVICES listed below are subject to the following rules and guidelines.

Any excessive use of our Unlimited Plans may result in our recovery of a reasonable charge outlined below without notice.

1 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
1.25 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
1.5 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
1.75 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
2 Terabyte $15.76 Monthly Surcharge
2.25 Terabyte $19.70 Monthly Surcharge
2.5 Terabyte $23.64 Monthly Surcharge
2.75 Terabyte $27.58 Monthly Surcharge
3 Terabyte $31.52 Monthly Surcharge
3.25 Terabyte $35.46 Monthly Surcharge
3.25+ Terabyte  TBD Monthly Surcharge