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9-1-1 Emergency Calling User Tips with Internet Atlantic

  1. Understanding the Service: The 9-1-1 emergency calling feature with Internet Atlantic Cloud Voice Service and SIP Trunks offers a more limited scope compared to traditional landline emergency services. It’s important to be aware of this difference.
  2. Provide Vital Information: Be ready to give your location and callback number to the 9-1-1 operator, as the Internet Atlantic Voice Service does not automatically provide this information.
  3. During the Call: Stay on the line throughout a 9-1-1 call and do not hang up until the operator tells you to. If your call is disconnected too soon, call back immediately.
  4. Location and Contact Details: Place your address and phone number near every telephone connected to the Internet Atlantic Voice Service. This ensures that anyone using the service can quickly provide necessary details to the operator in an emergency.
  5. Availability During Outages: Be aware that 9-1-1 calls might not function during power or Internet outages.
  6. International Limitations: You cannot make 9-1-1 calls through Internet Atlantic from locations outside Canada and the USA. In such cases, use a traditional landline service to reach emergency services.
  7. Awareness is Key: Fully understand the limitations of 9-1-1 calls with Internet Atlantic Voice Service and make sure that everyone else using the service is also informed about these limitations.

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