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Internet Atlantic Ambassador Program

Program Overview:

The Internet Atlantic Ambassador Program is designed for enthusiastic customers who wish to spread the word about our services and engage with their community on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and more. Ambassadors will play a crucial role in enhancing our brand’s visibility, providing feedback, and fostering a positive community around our services.

How to Join:

Application: Interested customers should send an email to with their social media handles attached. Ensure you are already following our social media profiles and have engaged with our content (likes, shares, comments).

Approval: We will review applications to ensure active and positive social media engagement. Approved Ambassadors will receive a welcome kit and unique Affiliate Program Code.


Promote: Share and comment on our social media content, introduce our services to friends and family, and use the Affiliate Program Code for tracking referrals.
Engage: Actively participate in discussions on platforms like Facebook and Reddit, and provide constructive feedback or endorsements about our services.
Report: Inform us about significant discussions, particularly those involving customer dissatisfaction or misunderstandings that require our attention.


Exclusive Discounts: Ambassadors receive deeply discounted rates on TV, Internet, Voice, and future Cellular Phone services.
Rewards for Referrals: Earn monetary rewards or account credits for every successful referral that leads to a closed sale. The more referrals you make that convert into Internet Atlantic customers, the more you earn.

Swag: Receive exclusive Internet Atlantic branded merchandise and promotional items.

Recognition: Be featured in our newsletters, website, and social media as a valued member of the Ambassador Program.
Compensation for Leads: Ambassadors will be compensated for leads and referrals that result in closed deals. We ensure that your efforts are rewarded not just in recognition, but also in tangible benefits.

Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. Ambassadors must maintain a positive and professional presence on social media.
  2. The Affiliate Program Code must be used ethically and within the guidelines provided.
  3. Ambassadors agree to a set of community standards and will not engage in or promote negative conduct.

Monitoring and Feedback:

Regular check-ins via email or social media to provide updates, gather feedback, and offer support.
Performance of the Affiliate Program Codes will be tracked, and rewards will be distributed based on successful referrals and engagement metrics.

Support for Ambassadors:

Dedicated support via a private group or direct contact for questions, concerns, and assistance. Training materials and tips for effective online engagement and promotion.


Joining the Internet Atlantic Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to share your love for our services while enjoying exclusive perks and rewards. Your voice can help shape our community and lead more people to a better internet service experience.