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Transfer of certain TPIA Internet customers from telMAX to Internet Atlantic Inc.

March 3, 2023

Transfer of Internet customers from telMAX to Internet Atlantic Inc.

Dear Customer.

Internet Atlantic is excited to announce that we will be transferring the Rogers Third Party Internet Access customers from telMAX to Internet Atlantic.

Internet Atlantic is happy to have you as a client. Likewise, you will be so glad to have us as your vendor. We care a lot about you the customer.

Your Internet Services, Phone and TV services that you subscribe to will remain unchanged. You will be receiving a bill from Internet Atlantic going forward.

Let’s talk about your Support Relationship with you.

What will change is how you contact us for services. We have all the information already on your services, configurations, and support history. If you need us for any reason (Tech Support or Billing).




Sales Press 1
Technical Support Press 2
Billing Press 3


Your Billing Relationship

Effective April 1, 2023, all billing will be sent to you via Internet Atlantic. We will be in touch with you to re-establish billing information.

Internet Atlantic Inc.