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Cancelling your Internet Service is hard because your provider wants you to stay. Making it frustrating and almost impossible to leave is part of their tactic! Remember the song lyrics from Hotel California (you can check out anytime you’d like, but you can never leave)? Same thing!

There are many reasons to leave your Internet provider:

  • Bad support
  • Lower Rates
  • Incorrect billing (rates that are unrecognizable)
  • Extra billing
  • Any other reason that does not to be justified

Cancelling your internet service can be a frustrating experience for several reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why cancelling internet service can be challenging:

Intentionally Long wait times: When you contact your ISP to cancel service, you may be on hold for extended periods. It is frustrating to realize that when you press 1 for sales, you will get through much faster than Press 2 to cancel. They do this on purpose. It is a great time to wait it out, but when you finally get through, clarify that you want to cancel and you have waited for nearly an hour and that now is not the right time to waste anymore with some “win-back” plan to keep you that will have you calling again in less than a few months.

Remember to get the agent’s name and push for a verification number. Most companies record their calls. Note your call’s date and time if you continue receiving invoices.

Pushy sales tactics: Some ISPs use pushy sales tactics to convince customers to keep their service which can be frustrating for customers who have already decided to cancel. After waiting on hold for an hour, we mentioned above that you don’t need to extend any more of your time.

In summary, cancelling your internet service can be difficult due to a lack of clear information, long wait times, pushy sales tactics, early termination fees, and limited cancellation options. If you need help cancelling your internet service, be persistent and read the fine print of your contract to understand your rights and obligations. If you need help understanding your rights, let one of the friendly people at Internet Atlantic know, and we will help you interpret any commitments you may have.

Don’t worry. We want to sign up with Internet Atlantic as much as you want to leave your current Internet Provider! We’re a team!