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In the evolving landscape of digital security, a new concern has emerged, one that sits quietly in the corner of your living room: the new TV box your provider has introduced. While these devices add convenience and entertainment value, they could open the door to cyber threats, turning them into Trojan Horses within your home network.

Understanding the Importance of Security Attestation.

Obtaining a security attestation from the vendor is crucial before integrating any new device into your home network, particularly one as pervasive and connected as your TV box. 

What exactly is a security attestation?

A security attestation is a statement or series of documents the vendor provides that outlines the security measures they have implemented in their device. It includes what steps they have taken to secure the device from threats, the frequency and process of security updates, and the measures to handle emerging vulnerabilities. It should detail the team behind these security efforts: their size, expertise, and track record.

The Necessity for Transparency and Expertise.

The digital security of a device is only as robust as the team behind it. 

Giants in the industry, such as Roku, Amazon, and Apple, invest heavily in sizable teams of security specialists dedicated to constant vigilance and timely updates. These teams work tirelessly to patch vulnerabilities, respond to threats, and ensure user data remains secure.

When accepting a new TV box into your home, ask your provider for a security attestation. It should not just reassure you about current security measures but also detail how the device will stay secure over time. Who is responsible for these updates? What expertise do they hold? Are they a dedicated security team, or is the task relegated to a single individual with divided attention?

The Risks of Complacency

The stakes of introducing a non-secured device into your home network cannot be overstated. Such a device can become the weakest link, offering cybercriminals a backdoor to your personal information, work documents, and children’s online activities. The idea that a device with outdated or inadequate security measures can exist within the same network as your sensitive information is not just irresponsible; it’s a gamble with your personal and home security.

A Proactive Approach to Digital Security.

As consumers, our defence against these threats begins with informed decision-making and proactive security measures. Demand detailed security attestations from your providers and weigh their responses against industry standards. Remember, in cybersecurity, transparency is not optional—it’s essential.

In conclusion, while new technology offers undeniable convenience, it should not come at the cost of our security and privacy. Before plugging in that new TV box, ensure that you are fully informed of the risks and the measures to mitigate them. In today’s interconnected world, the security of one device affects the safety of your entire digital ecosystem.

If something happens, what role will your vendor play? Are they responsible in any way for losses incurred due to a cyber-incident?

Let’s not allow your homes to become welcoming grounds for digital threats. In the age where information is power, let’s ensure we are empowered, not vulnerable.